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Who We Are

 Nova Vans was founded back in 1989, by two former vanners, one from Virginia and the other from New York.  Lew or some of you know him as Tumbleweed, came to the club from Long Island.  He was president of Sundset Truckers and also President of Van Alliance of Long Island.  Which at that time had 21 van clubs within the Council.  The other member was John Mullen Jr.  He was a vanner from Virginia for a long time and had met me though a friend of his.  We meet at a local burger King that evening and we formed Nova Vans.  Over the next couple of months we got new members to join up with us.  We also knew that there wasa club calling themselves Nova Vanners but had no idea how to contact these vanners. Our luck was when we were at a van show in Doswell, Va and they just happened to park right next to us. Over a few hours we went over to there campsite and started talking to them about merging the two clubs together and now we were Four.       Over the next couple of years we got more and more members into the club.  A few members have left and a few more have joined up with us. A few years ago John went to the big Vanin' in the sky.  For all of us who knew him he will be dearly missed.