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1. All members must have a van or mini, panel  or euro van to belong to this club.   

2.  Active paid member   Dues are due before Janurary 31st of each year.  $10.00

3. You must attend at least one weekend camping event per year. More is always better


4.  If you don't attend any events during the year we will not renew your membership,  if you can not attend due hardships please let us know.  We can work around this issue. 


5. Club colors, Being a member of Nova vans you must show your colors.  Jacket patchs have been sent out to all members and start showing your colors on jackets, or vests. 


6.  Van Tee's has been doing our club shirts for years.   You can find Van Tee's in our links section. When contacting Al you must tell him you are with Nova Vans. Our Logo is the Patch logo. There is also a smaller logo if you want a front of your shirt or jacket.  He carries a array of shirts and he does a great job with our logo.    He  also attends Keystone Madness in September if you like to get your shirt there.   


7.  We are no longer members of Southeast Van Council.  If you want to join the council go to there face book page.  They are requiring $10.00 per member fee due in October. 


8. We are looking into options of joining a new council in the near future. Will keep everyone posted.


If you have any concerns or comments that you would like addressed please contact me at [email protected]  Lew